Our Process

We’ve developed a series of steps for new clients as they seek financial guidance on managing a substantial amount of investable assets. This individually tailored process ensures effective communication and planning as we embark on the journey of assisting with wealth and investment strategies targeted at maximizing your financial goals.

1. Discovery: During the first meeting, David will carefully breakdown your current financial situation. This will give him insight into what your needs are as well as your financial goals. After this meeting, David will develop a comprehensive financial plan distinctively designed to fulfill your specific needs and help you pursue your long-term financial goals.

2. Transparency: Once David has developed your plan, you will meet again to review and go through a step-by-step process of how this comprehensive plan can help you work toward your financial goals. David will also address any potential pitfalls and generate strategies on how to mitigate them to keep you on track.

3. Active Management: After an in-depth review of the plan, you’ll discuss potential investment strategies. David will identify opportunities that will help you seek to achieve your goals and the risk factors associated with each opportunity.

4. Accessibility: After finalizing the plan and investment opportunities, you will have regularly scheduled meetings with David to ensure you are well informed of your progression. During these meetings, you will discuss any changes in your life that could potentially alter your short or long-term goals.